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  • Soundtracks

  • Arrangement

  • Voice and instrument recording

  • Audio material editing

  • Mixing

  • Mastering

  EMPYRAY Studio also works with famous singers and companies:  SHANT TV, Hay SUPERSTAR project, X-FACTOR project, "TRIADA" advertising company, Hasmik Karapetyan, Shushan Petrosyan, Anna Khachatryan, Marine Ales, Vahag Rush, Maya Margaryan, and others.

Gisane Palyan
Karen Arzumanyan
  lyrics writer

  audio producer

Empyray Studio Chanel
Professional audio mastering is the final stage of music production. The purpose is to prepare the final audio master for distribution. It makes a track sounds more balanced, sweeter to the ears and much more professional for commercial distribution.

Many people think that audio mastering is not necessary for their own audio projects, but the truth is quite the contrary. A good mastering can make all the difference between a vulgar production and a remarkable final product. It can be the different between a licensed track and other demo track in your hard drive.

An accurate mastered track sounds with a bigger impact and dimension, increases vocal clarity and intelligibility and gives your music that commercial feeling that all producers are looking for.

CD Mastering is the last stop in the line of audio quality control. A well Mastered song is more likely to impress the record labels, and get radio play.

Empyray Studio will provide the personal attention, and dedication your project needs.

The wizard specializes in turning your ideas into fully produced and distribution ready music. Specifically this means we work with you at whatever stage in the process you need our services. Some examples follow:

1) If your song is written and you know what you want it to sound like, we can create all the sounds, parts, drums accompanyment, etc. fully records, mix and master your project.

2) If you have a melody and words but no chord structure, we can help you chart the song and finish the chords and musical structure, and then move on.

3) if you have lyrics and a pertial melody, we can help you finish the melody line, and then move on to the further recording process if you want it finished.

4) If you have a song partially or fully recorded somewhere else on a different Digital Audio workstation, and you want to change parts, or redo the vocals or guitrar part, we can help you do that as long as you can get a copy of the .WAV files.

5) If you sing, or sing and play guitar or other instrument, we can record your music and then we can add bass, drums, strings brass, synthesizer, back-up vocals and anything else you want added to finish your work.
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EMPYRAY - 2006
EMPYRAY - 2009
EMPYRAY - 2011
Anna Khachatryan - Ankaroh em es
Anna Khachatryan - Depy Ver
Astghik Safaryan - O qamy qamy
Astghik Safaryan - Artnanal u tesnel
Hasmik Karapetyan - Arevi shunchy
Hasmik Karapetyan - Depy Tiezerq
Hasmik Karapetyan - Du heru es
Hasmik Karapetyan - Erbeq ches imana
Hasmik Karapetyan - Kraki par
Hasmik Karapetyan - Mi te
Hasmik Karapetyan - Qez hamar
Raysa Avanesyan - Pakughi
Raysa Avanesyan - Anurjner (soundtrack)
EMPYRAY - Banakum     (soundtrack)
EMPYRAY - Vorogayt      (soundtrack)
Susanna Petrosyan - Terevatap
Susanna Petrosyan - Mievnuin e
Susanna Petrosyan - Andzrevner
Nare - Qez het em es
Nare - Ush e
Lusine Ahabekyan - Indzanic depi qez
Lusine Ahabekyan - Achqeris khorqum
Lusine Ahabekyan - Andzrev
Lusine Ahabekyan - Janpanerum
Marine Ales - Horacio
Marine Ales - Antoms ughevor
Vahag Rush - Lusampopi pes aghjik

Armenian old songs  (vol 1) -2008
  Hey astgher
  Tsiranavar gisherner
  El qez chem sirum
  Hishum es ardyok
  Qez het im ser
  Mi gna sirelis
Armenian old songs  (vol 2) - 2009
  Tsaghikners um nvirem
  Du kgas
  Du heratsar
  Qez het im ser
  Vortegh gtnem qez
  Hayuhi geghetsik
  Iriknayin Yerevan
  Du inchpes mi astgh
Armenian old songs  (vol 3) - 2010
  Nor mi arshaluys
  Ays gisher
  Mi gna
  Karmir tsaghik
  Mer siro dashterum
  Sharunakir zhptal
  Qo sev acher
  Qo siro shnchov

EMPYRAY-Ezragtsits ayn koghm (soundtrack)
Suren Arustamyan-Lialusin   (soundtrack)